Pumpkin, Rosemary and Feta Mash



– 2 cups of roasted Kent Pumpkin (ours was roasted in olive oil, whole garlic cloves, himalayan salt and thyme)

– 1/3 cup of Organic Meredith’s Goats Feta

– 1 rosemary twig

– Himalayan salt to taste

– Pepper to taste


Place all ingredients in a food processor or mash the pumpkin with the back of a fork until desired consistency. We like to keep our mash chunky so we used a fork and mashed gently.

Serve on our gluten free Carrot and Walnut Loaf – absolutely delicious. Poached eggs would also be a fabulous touch.


We love breakfast.

M + S x


Pumpkin, Turmeric and Leek soup


Nothing warms your belly quite like a big bowl of pumpkin goodness.


Our version of the typical ‘mums homemade pumpkin soup’ has added immune boosting properties with the addition of turmeric and ginger. Super nourishing and warming on a chilly night. We love to get a little over board with our toppings, adding avocado, wilted kale, cheese,  extra spice, fresh herbs and sometimes some protein like poached chicken. The options are endless!

Like most of our recipes, this soup is easy to throw together – all you need are a few staple spices like turmeric and cumin, herbs like parsley and thyme and veggies.

** Also, the small side bowl in the above image is a sneak peak of our pumpkin and sweet potato curry. The recipe for this little gem will be up on the blog soon!


– 3/4 of a large butternut pumpkin

– 1 Leek

– 2 small carrots

– 750 ml of water (1 Litre if you want a ‘thinner’ consistency)

Use a homemade vegetable stock if you have that on hand, if not water is fine! (we used water)

– 2 garlic cloves

– 1 small/medium brown onion

– 1 tsp of grated fresh ginger

– 1 tbsp of ground turmeric or grated fresh turmeric root

– 1 tsp of ground cumin

– 1 Bay Leaf

– 1 quarter of a cup of finely chopped fresh herbs (thyme, sage and parsley)

– Half a tsp of cayenne pepper

– Pepper to taste

– Himalayan Salt to taste

Toppings: Avocado, wilted kale, parsley and bocconcini cheese. We also added a ‘Moroccan souk’ spice that we purchased from a spice shop in the city. You can just finish with either dusting some more turmeric or quickly whipping up your own dukkah. 


1. Heat your pot with some coconut oil and start by sautéing your onion, garlic and ginger. Heat till onion browns (be careful not to burn it)

2. Add a dash of water and all your spices and keep sautéing for a couple of minutes to create a paste like consistency.

3. Next add your Leek – sauté for a few minutes before adding your pumpkin and carrots.

4. Cook the veggies in the pot for about 10 minutes, making sure to continue stirring so that the onion doesn’t brown.

5. Add your water, himalayan salt and bay leaf and bring the pot to a boil.

6. Once boiling, lower the heat and simmer for about half an hour (the longer the better).

7. Turn off the heat and blend your mixture with a hand blender.

8. Voila! You have made pumpkin soup, easy hey?

9. Top with your favourites. We mixed through some wilted kale, avocado, bocconcini cheese (we also love haloumi in soup) and parsley

10. EAT

M + S xx

Quinoa, Pumpkin and Pumpkin Seed Patties



Ingredients: Makes six patties 

Around 1/4 of a medium Kent Pumpkin

3/4 cup of cooked white quinoa

1/4 -1/3 of a cup of organic rolled oats

One medium zucchini

Goats Cheese (as much as you please – topped on patties once cooked)

Pumpkin seeds (two tablespoons)

Pepper (to taste)

Himalayan salt (to taste – around one pinch)

Dried thyme (around one teaspoon for the mixture and one teaspoon for the pumpkin)

Coconut oil (one teaspoon)


1) Cut up pumpkin into small cubes. Drizzle with olive oil, pepper and thyme and place in the oven (180 degrees celsius) for approx. 30 mins. The time will be slightly different for everyone depending on your oven etc. * If you can easily place a fort through, and its slightly crispy on the outside, you know the pumpkin is ready!

2) Whilst the pumpkin is cooking, wash the zucchini and grate it. You also need to remove the water from the zucchini. We simply use my hands and compress it. However a more ‘technical’ way is to spread the zucchini on a tea towel with some salt, and then fold the towel and twist it from both ends. That should also do the trick of removing any excess water. You really do not want the zucchini too wet, it will ruin the mixture making it too ‘gooey’.

3) Once the pumpkin is ready, let it cool down for around 15 mins. Then grab a fork and mash the pumpkin until there are no too obvious chunky bits.

4) In a large bowl, combine the pumpkin, zucchini, quinoa, oats, pumpkin seeds, thyme, pepper and himalayan salt. Use your hands in order to mix the ingredients well! If your mixture seems too wet, simply add more oats.

5) Sperate the mixture into six evenly sized burger-looking patties.

6) On a medium-high pan, add one teaspoon of coconut oil. Once the pan is hot place patties face down. I cooked them a few minutes on each side, just until they browned (cooking time will also vary for everyone.. You want it to be slightly crunchy on the outside and nice and soft on the inside)

7) Serve on a plate with a fresh spinach salad and top with goats cheese. * You can also add some poached eggs, smoked salmon or avocado to make it into a BRUNCH MEAL!

Perfect on a Sunday morning.

in bed.

with a strong brew.


Hump-day at Tall Timber


Watching the sunrise this morning through Tall Timbers wide windows wasn’t a bad start to a miserable hump day. We’ve always had a soft spot for this gorgeous cafe, as it was one of the first places we discovered and ultimately fell in love with.

It must be the homey feel, friendly staff, and delicious meals whipped up by their talented chef that wheels us in and puts us into a dreamy cafe daze every time.



Mornings like today, all we feel like doing is being somewhere familiar and ‘close to home’, and there was no better place then to park ourselves at Tall Timber and relax before a crazy day ahead. This was also the case for many other Melbourneans , with ‘pre-work’ strong coffee pit stoppers, ‘post-gym’ junkies rejuvenating over nutritious breakfasts or chilled locals having some ‘time-out’, Tall Timber seemed to attract the lot.

Their menu is one element that stands out for us, with it covering everyones mornings needs and cravings. The Pumpkin Bruschetta was our wednesday morning choice, because who could possibly say no to smashed roasted pumpkin, hommus, goats curd, dukkah and poached eggs on quinoa loaf? All those ingredients just call out our names. And yes we know, ordering a dish with no avocado is just not what we do, but this morning was an exception!

It was absolutely delicious, every single mouthful. Our bellies were so full that all we could possibly say was “YUUUUM”

Other ‘standouts’ of theirs are definitely the sautéed kale, breakie board or the obvious ‘smashed avo




 – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Tall Timbers interiors almost make you feel as though you are sitting in the ‘sun room’ of a spacious home over looking a lake or bay, with its wide open space complemented with wide windows, allowing for maximal light exposure. The chairs and broom stick hung on the wall, stacked outdoor timber wood boxes and large display of scrumptious sweets, all emphasis the cosy heart warming feel of this cafe.


With their standard prices, glorious food and friendly staff, you can’t not give these guys a visit, they will make you feel relaxed and ready for whatever your day has planned.

 Love M + S


60 Commercial Road Prahran