Gid – Giddd – Giddiup!

As we sit at our dining room table, sipping on a glass of pinot with the scent of a tiger lily candle drifting in the air, we’re blissfully dwelling over our beautiful morning.

The sun was shining on this comforting autumns day – the perfect scene to be strolling the streets of South Melbourne.

For locals of this area, Saturday morning means market morning. Therefore, finding a park was rather tricky…

Nevertheless, after a few rounds, we found one!

Now to breaky….we already had a cafe in mind, one that we visited way back, in the year of 2012.

To think that two years has already gone by makes you realise how quickly life just goes.

Anyway, lets not get emotional this is a breakfast post after all

So back to G i d d i u p.


Despite the fact that this cafe is quite small, the white walls and wide windows creates a sense of space. They have kept to the theme of black and white with minimal decor, yet thats all they need as the simplicity reflects its modern character.

Everything on the menu shouts out yum, with avocado popping up on a few dishes. This automatically drew us in. We decided to opt for a deconstructed meal of poached eggs on gluten free bread (of course), with a side of avo and smoked salmon – our usual pick for when we’re craving something fresh and simple.


It not only gave us the energy we needed after our morning run, but also made us feel  h a p p y  inside. After a tough week filled with stress chaos and confusion, this was definitely needed.

There aren’t many cafes out there that can give you that ‘feel good’ feeling, sorry guys, not sure how else to put it. This cafe literally just makes you feel good. Thats good hey?

M + S x




269 Coventry Street South Melbourne


Hump-day at Tall Timber


Watching the sunrise this morning through Tall Timbers wide windows wasn’t a bad start to a miserable hump day. We’ve always had a soft spot for this gorgeous cafe, as it was one of the first places we discovered and ultimately fell in love with.

It must be the homey feel, friendly staff, and delicious meals whipped up by their talented chef that wheels us in and puts us into a dreamy cafe daze every time.



Mornings like today, all we feel like doing is being somewhere familiar and ‘close to home’, and there was no better place then to park ourselves at Tall Timber and relax before a crazy day ahead. This was also the case for many other Melbourneans , with ‘pre-work’ strong coffee pit stoppers, ‘post-gym’ junkies rejuvenating over nutritious breakfasts or chilled locals having some ‘time-out’, Tall Timber seemed to attract the lot.

Their menu is one element that stands out for us, with it covering everyones mornings needs and cravings. The Pumpkin Bruschetta was our wednesday morning choice, because who could possibly say no to smashed roasted pumpkin, hommus, goats curd, dukkah and poached eggs on quinoa loaf? All those ingredients just call out our names. And yes we know, ordering a dish with no avocado is just not what we do, but this morning was an exception!

It was absolutely delicious, every single mouthful. Our bellies were so full that all we could possibly say was “YUUUUM”

Other ‘standouts’ of theirs are definitely the sautéed kale, breakie board or the obvious ‘smashed avo




 – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Tall Timbers interiors almost make you feel as though you are sitting in the ‘sun room’ of a spacious home over looking a lake or bay, with its wide open space complemented with wide windows, allowing for maximal light exposure. The chairs and broom stick hung on the wall, stacked outdoor timber wood boxes and large display of scrumptious sweets, all emphasis the cosy heart warming feel of this cafe.


With their standard prices, glorious food and friendly staff, you can’t not give these guys a visit, they will make you feel relaxed and ready for whatever your day has planned.

 Love M + S


60 Commercial Road Prahran 

Top Breaky at ‘Top Paddock’





This chilly thursday morning called for a visit to one of our faves, Top Paddock.

Let us take you back to when our obsession with this glorious cafe all started…

Like many other Melbournian’s out there, the channel 9 series ‘The Block’, had us hooked from the very first episode. We don’t know whether it was the interior design or the hot surfer couple, Kyle and Kara, but we were definitely way too emotionally invested. We had no choice but to go to the open inspection.

After a long four hour wait in line (literally), we finally got a sneak peak of the apartments that we had been visualising for months and b o y were we blown away. It was like being in ‘block heaven’.


Due to our over-excitment, lack of sleep and hunger, we needed somewhere to relax, re-fuel and absorb everything we had just experienced.  Frantically driving around Melbourne in a state of ‘hunrgy-angry’, we stumbled across Top Paddock.

Despite the fact that this morning was our 5th visit, we are still wowed by it’s striking decor, impeccable service and just down right ‘mouthwatering’ food.

– – – – – – – – –

The modern, yet industrial interior, gives this cafe a sense of class and slight freshness. The floor plan fits in with any occasion, whether it be a corporate lunch, an awkward first date or a fun, loud catch up with friends. Designing this cafe to cater for all different types of situations has really given it versatility.

Not only does Top Paddock get our tick of approval for their design, their food, well specifically their avocado, always seems to be perfect. When we say perfect, we really mean p e r f e c t. We have never seen the slightest bruise or imperfection on any of their half avocados served with a spoon. Sorry to say, but we have even spent time stalking the half avo plates coming from the kitchen, desperately trying to find a fault. Although thoroughly aware that we look like idiots whilst doing this, when it comes to avocados, we’ll do whatever it takes.

We are still yet to find a dodgy avo.

Top Paddock definitely takes the cake for ‘Best cafe in Melbourne’

If you haven’t already been there, do yourself a favour and go there right now.

Oh and let us know if you find a dodgy avo, we would really appreciate that.

Love M + S


Mon – Fri: 7am-4pm
Sat – Sun: 8am-4pm
03 9429 4332
658 Church St, Richmond





Little Big Sugar Salt



Well, isn’t this just the cosiest cafe.

We had been pondering for a while about whether this cafe was worth the long trek down punt road. It’s distance and lack of parking were really our excuses to give this place a miss.

This morning however, we felt it was about time we gave these guys a visit and w o w were we taken by surprise..

Little Big Sugar Salt, a dainty little cafe located on Victoria Street, made us feel welcomed as soon as we walked in – literally. This one year old cafe (that just celebrated their first birthday), has been designed from what seems to be a small ‘cottage’ like home. Their layout enables customers to pick and chose which corner of the ‘house’ they want to burrow in to, wether that be the front benches, the communal ‘dining’ table or the ‘lounge room’.

We chose the lounge room, and it was perfect.

Their use of the fireplace, old books, pillows and blankets created a sense of warmth and security, almost as if you were sipping on a cup of coffee in the comfort of your own home.



Although some may find their menu a little limiting, we admire their confidence with only offering around 8 options. Signifying to us that each dish must be top notch, choosing ‘Rainbow Roots’ was not a problem.

 A mixture of quinoa and root vegetables, topped with a perfect boiled egg, ocean cured trout and our obligatory extra serve of avocado, made for a delightful brunch.

We will definitely return.

Love M + S


A little glimpse of Byron Bay in Elwood’s Combi Cafe

photo 3photo 2

After venturing to Byron Bay over the summer, falling in love with the quirky, full of life, laid back cafes was unquestionably the highlight of our visit.

Ever since that one week of absolute bliss, we have been on the lookout for a Melbourne cafe that mirrors ByronBays vibes and complete awesomeness.

Elwood’s Combi Cafe definitely nails this.

With ‘rawsome’ options scattered throughout  their entire menu – chia pudding with activated nuts, acai bowls and sprouted gluten free bread with tahini and banana (just to name a few), we couldn’t go past the avo on seeded loaf with activated sunflower seeds and himalayan salt.

Um, yum!

photo 1

As suckers for the typical ‘smashed avo’ on every cafe menu, we have become quite accustomed to critiquing every element of this well known dish, and quite frankly we classify ourselves as avo experts (literally).

So its a HUGE deal for us to say that Combi’s avo dish could probably make it top three, with a definite spot in top 5 on our list of 

best smashed avos in Melbourne. 

Combi Cafe, we love you


The Twins

Blogworld, here we come!


Is there anything better than waking up, slicing through a perfectly ripe avocado whilst the smell of rich coffee fills the morning kitchen air? Well for us, there really is nothing better.

We, twins from Melbourne, have decided to join this world of blogging. Despite the fact that we are far from writers (…evident through our choice of science degrees), we feel the need to express the sensual experiences that encompass our day to day living.

We l i v e and b r e a t h for wholesome food, inspirational design in all its forms and basically seeking all the nooks and crannies that Melbourne has to offer.
Cafe hanging is our calling.
M & S x