Bye Bye Periods.

So um, where did our periods go?

I thought this would be a nice moment to let you guys in on a little secret of ours. Hopefully this post resonates with one of you and inspires you to take a positive step towards wellness.


So basically, we lost our periods. Yep, gone.

After years of over-doing and under-nourishing, Mel and I were left with depleted adrenals and basically inexistent sex hormones. We were working hard at our jobs, studying hard at uni, going to a yoga class everyday plus walking everywhere to save money on our myki cards. Despite the fact that we were eating a vast amount of fresh, organic nourishing food, it just wasn’t enough to sustain our energy needs. Our bodies went on strike against us and we were left feeling lethargic, depleted, infertile and depressed for a good few (well many) years.


We knew that gaining weight was inevitable if we wanted to regain our cycles. This was obvious and various practitioners and family members consistently reminded us – we had no way of escaping it. But you see, we did actually manage to escape it for quite some time. We literally spent years in denial that a lifestyle change was all that was needed to regain our health. And why did we avoid this? I’m not going to speak for Mel but I know for myself, coming to terms with having to gain weight and let go of the ‘little build’ I had identified myself with for so long was incredibly hard. I couldn’t even imagine what it would be like to increase in size, it was almost like going through an identify crisis. ‘If I’m not little and thin Sarah then who am I?’.

M: Oh hell yeah Sarah I agree with this.. I too didn’t like the idea of letting go of my ‘Mini Mel’ physique.


Luckily now we know that we are so much more than that.

The biggest problem with today’s society is that we are consistently reminded that we have to look a certain way to be called beautiful. Facing the fact that you have to gain weight is extremely difficult when you are bombarded with images of thin and fit models on instagram.


We honestly believe that one of the most important lessons that needs to be reinforced to the younger generation is that true beauty isn’t something as superficial as the way someone looks. Yes, by all means somebody can be genetically gifted but if they don’t have the personality to match it then I’m sure their pretty face doesn’t take them all that far in life. True beauty lies within someone’s positivity, their self-confidence and display of self-love, their generosity towards others, their laugh and their contagious smile and how they inspire you to be the best version of yourself. Now that to us is a beautiful human being.


So what did we do and where are we now?

When we finally bit the bullet and consciously tried to gain weight, we started to mindfully watch our calorie intake and calorie expenditure. We made smoothies loaded with energy dense wholefoods, we added an extra scoop of sweet potato at dinner and an extra drizzle of olive oil on our salads. We moved around less and slept more. It definitely worked but what I noticed is that the moment I let go a bit of what and how I was eating and gave in to eating more intuitively, that’s when the weight came back more easily. Some days I eat more, some days I eat less. I eat according to my needs and trust my body to give me signs. I think I can speak for Mel here and say that letting go a bit is really where it’s at. M: Yeah definitely for me when I didn’t think too much about what I was putting in my mouth I noticed the weight slowly pack on. It’s a daily struggle getting to terms with the change, but I’m secretly loving it.


We’re about 5-6 kilograms heavier than we were 6 months ago, happier and healthier than we’ve been for quite some time. Our hormones haven’t quite regulated completely but we’re giving it some time and accepting that these changes may take a while. We practice self-love, we nourish our beautiful bodies with an abundance of wholefoods, and we move our bodies in a loving and gentle way and when we’re feeling down, we’ll remind each other that everything is going to be okay and that boobs are a good thing. Literally.

We’ll also have a little chat about how we don’t fit in certain clothes but then we’ll move on and go up to the shops to buy some of our favourite chocolate (M: I’m personally loving dark chocolate macadamia nuts and rooibos tea..) and eat it whilst watching Netflix.


Learning to love yourself, love others and love life are the most important things you can do for your health. If you achieve those three things in life then that’s where true beauty lies.


Hugs from the twins x


M: Just a side note, the thing that really kicked my but into action to make some changes was meeting my partner, so thankyou darling.  Also, Sarah and I both have a huge journey ahead of us. I’m in the process of seeing specialists and I also see an Ayurvedic practioner monthly who I love for lifestyle advice and general chats.




2 thoughts on “Bye Bye Periods.

  1. Well done girls, the last paragraph was especially beautiful. Loving yourself in every stage of your life that you’re in is truly where the magic happens. 💕✨

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