Crunchy Raw Salad

 – Crunchy Raw Summer Salad –

This dish is super easy to prepare, as it comprises mostly just of chopping vegetables!

We are sharing this small recipe simply for you to get inspired for summer meals, as we enjoy this feed on balmy hot nights sitting by the pool accompanied with a lemon ginger Kombucha. 



Quantities will vary for the amount of people you are serving. You can add as much or as little of any ingredient as you wish. These quantities serve approx two people.

– Prawns (around 20- up to you!)

– 1 Mango

– 1/2 Avocado

– Haloumi (roughly 70 grams)

– Beans (handful)

– Sugar snap peas (handful)

– Raw fennel (one head)

– 1/2 Green or Yellow Capsicum

– 1/4 Continental Cucumber

– One tablespoon per person of Byron Bay Dill KimChi

– Handful of Cos lettuce or spinach

– 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and pepper (to taste)

-A handful of macadamia nuts (mango, avo and macadamia’s work very well)


1) Leave all the vegetables raw, wash them and chop up roughly

2) Slice the mango and avocado (slice lengthways)

3) Cut the haloumi in small rectangles and cook on fry pan for around 1 min each side, or until brown (we do not use any oils when we fry haloumi. You can use coconut oil if preferred)

4) Wash prawns, remove tails and add as many as you wish to the bowl

5) Dress with apple cider vinegar and pepper

6) Toss all the ingredients together and voila! A delicious and super easy crunchy salad, perfect for these coming summer nights

Love M+S



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