Mels Mess

What is it about fridays? Something about fridays makes me feel fuzzy inside. Is it the fact that we are all waiting for fridays arrival to cure our post mondayitis, or is it that you can already taste the bitter sweetness of a pinot noir swirling around your mouth, satisfying your taste buds and ultimately your soul.

I don’t know what it is about fridays, but they are bloody good.

So today, I could silently scream out Thank God Its Friday. My favourite day of the week.

My friday begun with a 5:20am start, I know how keen is that right? No but in all seriousness, early starts for me (and sarah might I add), means that I can fit in a 45 minute run before the craziness of the day begins. I love the feeling of being awake and watching the sunrise (unfortunately no dreamy skies produced this morning) whilst the rest of the neighbourhood are sound asleep.

It gives me a sense of satisfaction.

So anyway, after my pathetic attempt of ‘exam study’, which really meant instagram scrolling and facebook refreshing every two minutes, I decided it was time to satisfy my hunger pains. This meant by 11am I was already starving for my lunch. I know, a tad early… I blame this on breakfast, it decided to leave me with no support. My breakfast of oat cookies drowned in yogurt, lathered in melted strawberries and topped with nuts and coconut flakes, decided it had already done its duty of providing me with energy and left me, with no notice at all.

Therefore, I ran (literally) into the kitchen and started making this ‘thing’. I don’t even know what it was. But lets call it Mels Mess.

I scrambled two eggs, with an additional egg white into a bowl. Added some roast veggies that were pre-prepared in our fridge (pumpkin, brussel sprouts, leek & zucchini) along with spinach that I aggressively tore up into shreds.

All of this deliciousness was put onto a pan on high heat. As I stood there mixing, the smell that came with it made me salvate. I kept mixing until it turned into some sort of scramble.

With 1/4 cup of white quinoa heated and prepared onto a plate, I mounded my scrambled ‘thing’ on top. Annnnddd, obviously, I added some diced avocado for that extra ‘oomph’ (made the most of the fact that I didn’t have it for breakfast – hence needed to add it to lunch…) It was quite delicious.




And Voila! Thats what I like to call my type of feed, for a type of day like today.

The rest of friday for me will involve retail therapy (in that I mean buying myself a new Aesop cream) with my other half, followed by a beautiful dinner date on Brunswick street with a lovely lady friend of mine.


I hope you’all have a superb friday! Because I know I will.


Love M




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