Mother’s Day Madness at Brighton School House

Arn’t mums just great?

Just ponder over this thought for a second

When is there ever a time when you cannot end the day without thanking your mum for something or other? Whether it be for waking you up in the morning, reminding you that you have a test that day, making sure that your favourite shirt is clean for work or driving you to the train station. There is ALWAYS something that you can thank them for. And yes, we mean always.

Its funny because we subconsciously need them in our every day. Just think about it – when you’re at home sick with a temperature, or in a situation you really don’t want to be in (like being stuck in the city at 3 am in the freezing cold with nothing but heels and a skimpy skirt) or half way across the world during the typical ‘backpacking’ adventures over the early 20’s – what are the words you secretly say under your breath?

“I want my mum”

You want your mum in these situations because you love her, you love her so dearly that when you’re hurt or lonely, it is only their nurturing hugs or kind words that can heal you.

With all this in mind, we think that OUR mum is the best of them all.

Her selfless, generous, positive and fun loving attitude that she offers us every single day is something that shouldn’t be celebrated on just ONE day of the year, but rather, celebrated and appreciated on EVERY day.

After all, if it weren’t for all the mummy’s out there, none of us bloggers would be here, to

So how did WE celebrate our mummy on mothers day? Well! we introduced her to the fabulous School House Cafe in Brighton of course

And wow, was it busy. It appeared that half of Melbourne had the same idea.

After arriving with a positive attitude and eager appetite, we were disappointingly sent to the ‘bench’ to wait our turn for a table…eugh. Trying to not let our ‘hungry-angry’ state ruin what was supposed to be a lovely mothers day breakfast, we set aside our frustration and took our time with the menu.

Being mothers day, the chefs had obviously anticipated the massive rush of customers and endless flowing orders SO they had a set menu comprising what we assumed were the ‘best’ of their regular dishes.

Being torn between the I eat quinoa for breakfast and the heirloom tomatoes, we all opted for the tomatoes.

Ordering the same breaky on mothers day, what can we say, we’re kinda cute like that

The tomatoes were divine. So tangy yet oh so sweet. They were beautifully tossed over two pieces of gluten free toast (mum had the original olive toast) that had been smothered with creamy avocado. On top, was a dollop of fresh ricotta (yum!) and a perfectly humbled poached egg.


Show your love and take your mamma ducks to School House!

S + M x

15 St Andrews Street, Brighton

Monday-Friday 7 am till 4pm

Sat and Sun8 am till 4 pm





2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Madness at Brighton School House

  1. What a gorgeous post! Just how wonderful are our mums 🙂

    I don’t go a day without ringing my mum, I need her wisdom and thoughts on every life decision I make!

    I hope your mum had a lovely mothers day breakfast, the food looks divine 🙂

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