Hump-day at Tall Timber


Watching the sunrise this morning through Tall Timbers wide windows wasn’t a bad start to a miserable hump day. We’ve always had a soft spot for this gorgeous cafe, as it was one of the first places we discovered and ultimately fell in love with.

It must be the homey feel, friendly staff, and delicious meals whipped up by their talented chef that wheels us in and puts us into a dreamy cafe daze every time.



Mornings like today, all we feel like doing is being somewhere familiar and ‘close to home’, and there was no better place then to park ourselves at Tall Timber and relax before a crazy day ahead. This was also the case for many other Melbourneans , with ‘pre-work’ strong coffee pit stoppers, ‘post-gym’ junkies rejuvenating over nutritious breakfasts or chilled locals having some ‘time-out’, Tall Timber seemed to attract the lot.

Their menu is one element that stands out for us, with it covering everyones mornings needs and cravings. The Pumpkin Bruschetta was our wednesday morning choice, because who could possibly say no to smashed roasted pumpkin, hommus, goats curd, dukkah and poached eggs on quinoa loaf? All those ingredients just call out our names. And yes we know, ordering a dish with no avocado is just not what we do, but this morning was an exception!

It was absolutely delicious, every single mouthful. Our bellies were so full that all we could possibly say was “YUUUUM”

Other ‘standouts’ of theirs are definitely the sautéed kale, breakie board or the obvious ‘smashed avo




 – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Tall Timbers interiors almost make you feel as though you are sitting in the ‘sun room’ of a spacious home over looking a lake or bay, with its wide open space complemented with wide windows, allowing for maximal light exposure. The chairs and broom stick hung on the wall, stacked outdoor timber wood boxes and large display of scrumptious sweets, all emphasis the cosy heart warming feel of this cafe.


With their standard prices, glorious food and friendly staff, you can’t not give these guys a visit, they will make you feel relaxed and ready for whatever your day has planned.

 Love M + S


60 Commercial Road Prahran 


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