Top Breaky at ‘Top Paddock’





This chilly thursday morning called for a visit to one of our faves, Top Paddock.

Let us take you back to when our obsession with this glorious cafe all started…

Like many other Melbournian’s out there, the channel 9 series ‘The Block’, had us hooked from the very first episode. We don’t know whether it was the interior design or the hot surfer couple, Kyle and Kara, but we were definitely way too emotionally invested. We had no choice but to go to the open inspection.

After a long four hour wait in line (literally), we finally got a sneak peak of the apartments that we had been visualising for months and b o y were we blown away. It was like being in ‘block heaven’.


Due to our over-excitment, lack of sleep and hunger, we needed somewhere to relax, re-fuel and absorb everything we had just experienced.  Frantically driving around Melbourne in a state of ‘hunrgy-angry’, we stumbled across Top Paddock.

Despite the fact that this morning was our 5th visit, we are still wowed by it’s striking decor, impeccable service and just down right ‘mouthwatering’ food.

– – – – – – – – –

The modern, yet industrial interior, gives this cafe a sense of class and slight freshness. The floor plan fits in with any occasion, whether it be a corporate lunch, an awkward first date or a fun, loud catch up with friends. Designing this cafe to cater for all different types of situations has really given it versatility.

Not only does Top Paddock get our tick of approval for their design, their food, well specifically their avocado, always seems to be perfect. When we say perfect, we really mean p e r f e c t. We have never seen the slightest bruise or imperfection on any of their half avocados served with a spoon. Sorry to say, but we have even spent time stalking the half avo plates coming from the kitchen, desperately trying to find a fault. Although thoroughly aware that we look like idiots whilst doing this, when it comes to avocados, we’ll do whatever it takes.

We are still yet to find a dodgy avo.

Top Paddock definitely takes the cake for ‘Best cafe in Melbourne’

If you haven’t already been there, do yourself a favour and go there right now.

Oh and let us know if you find a dodgy avo, we would really appreciate that.

Love M + S


Mon – Fri: 7am-4pm
Sat – Sun: 8am-4pm
03 9429 4332
658 Church St, Richmond






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