Little Big Sugar Salt



Well, isn’t this just the cosiest cafe.

We had been pondering for a while about whether this cafe was worth the long trek down punt road. It’s distance and lack of parking were really our excuses to give this place a miss.

This morning however, we felt it was about time we gave these guys a visit and w o w were we taken by surprise..

Little Big Sugar Salt, a dainty little cafe located on Victoria Street, made us feel welcomed as soon as we walked in – literally. This one year old cafe (that just celebrated their first birthday), has been designed from what seems to be a small ‘cottage’ like home. Their layout enables customers to pick and chose which corner of the ‘house’ they want to burrow in to, wether that be the front benches, the communal ‘dining’ table or the ‘lounge room’.

We chose the lounge room, and it was perfect.

Their use of the fireplace, old books, pillows and blankets created a sense of warmth and security, almost as if you were sipping on a cup of coffee in the comfort of your own home.



Although some may find their menu a little limiting, we admire their confidence with only offering around 8 options. Signifying to us that each dish must be top notch, choosing ‘Rainbow Roots’ was not a problem.

 A mixture of quinoa and root vegetables, topped with a perfect boiled egg, ocean cured trout and our obligatory extra serve of avocado, made for a delightful brunch.

We will definitely return.

Love M + S



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