A little glimpse of Byron Bay in Elwood’s Combi Cafe

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After venturing to Byron Bay over the summer, falling in love with the quirky, full of life, laid back cafes was unquestionably the highlight of our visit.

Ever since that one week of absolute bliss, we have been on the lookout for a Melbourne cafe that mirrors ByronBays vibes and complete awesomeness.

Elwood’s Combi Cafe definitely nails this.

With ‘rawsome’ options scattered throughout  their entire menu – chia pudding with activated nuts, acai bowls and sprouted gluten free bread with tahini and banana (just to name a few), we couldn’t go past the avo on seeded loaf with activated sunflower seeds and himalayan salt.

Um, yum!

photo 1

As suckers for the typical ‘smashed avo’ on every cafe menu, we have become quite accustomed to critiquing every element of this well known dish, and quite frankly we classify ourselves as avo experts (literally).

So its a HUGE deal for us to say that Combi’s avo dish could probably make it top three, with a definite spot in top 5 on our list of 

best smashed avos in Melbourne. 

Combi Cafe, we love you


The Twins


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